Privacy Policy

This article is intended to provide the use of information we collect from various users on our website and all other services we intend to provide. Please go through this document carefully to understand our privacy policy.

  • Use of Personal Information: We collect all your personal information when you register on our website. If you leave any other information with us while interacting through any webpages, whatever information you leave there will be stored too. You also have the option to stay anonymous if you need to.
  • Information Use and Sharing: We do not use or share any private information obtained from users. Whatever information is supplied to us will be used internally for our own research teams and analytics on our website which will help us better our services for users and improve user experience. We do not share or sell any information that is provided to us to third parties without seeking prior permission from users.
  • Advertising: The means by which we are able to provide the free services we do is due to the revenues from advertising. So sometimes, you might see ads targeted to you based on your interests and other information about you that we have collected from you.

As a user we completely respect your privacy so you always have the option of selectively letting us know what you’d like displayed and what is private. You can also manage cookies on your browser and other interests to help us serve your needs better.