Raspberry Ketones and Weight Loss

raspberry ketone,pure raspberry ketoneRaspberry ketone is a sensational new weight loss solution that has recently gained wide popularity in the dieting community. Quite a number of medical studies have proven that red raspberries contain a rare phenolic compound that can effectively reduce weight and enhance fat burning. Raspberry ketone is said to have a similar structure as capsaicin (a chemical found to increase fat metabolism in many preliminary studies). Raspberry ketone supplements contain a highly concentrated form of this substance.

How Raspberry Ketone achieves weight loss

Unlike other types of fat-burning products, detailed medical studies have been carried out to determine the precise effects rendered by raspberry ketone. These studies indicate that the supplement not only speeds up weight loss but also prevents the growth any new fat tissue. Raspberry ketone works in various ways to achieve weight loss. They include:
Boosts metabolism: It enhances the production of andiponectin, a protein hormone, within the body. Andiponectin, which is generated naturally as one exercises, has been proven that it can speed up the metabolism of glucose by the body. High andiponectin levels are usually found in individuals with low percentage of body fat.

Extra energy: When the metabolic rate increases, the body exhausts the energy it receives from food intake instead of storing it as fat. Consequently, most people who take raspberry ketone supplements realize increased energy level. If you find it quite challenging to maintain a regular workout routine, either because it is too difficult or too tiring, you can find the weight loss process much easier with raspberry ketone.

Appetite Control: Another notable effect of raspberry ketone is that it enhances one’s sensitivity to insulin. Reduced insulin results in most cravings, especially for sugary and high-fat foods. With regular intake of raspberry ketone, you will reduce your calorie intake and appetite effortlessly.

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Recommended Dosage

To reap weight loss benefits the whole day, you should take one capsule of the raspberry ketone supplement with your breakfast meal and another with the evening meal. Nutritionists recommend 100mg per serving as the safest amount of dosage.

Expected weight loss

The supplement can work best if combined with a healthier lifestyle. The amount of pounds you expect to shed off would depend on several factors such as your starting weight, calorie intake, daily exercise and body type. Whereas some people can only lose a few pounds per week, others can realize weekly losses of about 6-7 pounds.

Which raspberry ketone supplements work best?

Some versions of this supplement offer more effects than others. Ingredients, such as green tea and African mango, blend well with raspberry ketone and offer additional weight loss benefits. Therefore, you should carefully scrutinize the list of ingredients before buying the product to determine its contents. Rapid-release capsules of raspberry ketone can render weight loss benefits immediately.

You should look for Raspberry ketone supplements that have a high concentration of beta carotene, vitamin C and antioxidants. Although these supplements are considered safe to use and do not have any side effect, it’s advisable to consult a doctor before consuming them if you have any existing health condition or if you are pregnant.